DSC_8963Rose Andrez is an artist/healer who loves to create unique programs and projects to WAKE women up.  She has created Rose Andrez Productions to empower and support women to live purposeful and integrated lives.  She combines her extensive experience in body-mind integration and alternative healing with supporting women in understanding their life story to cultivate an authentic life.

She offers a unique perspective on lifestyle management.  Rose has created a signature ritual/program addressing family of origin dynamics, voice, holistic health, self-care and authentic living.  This program offers a deep lifestyle shift for women who are ready to embrace change in a creative, supportive and safe environment using her own life story to inspire.


I thought I was living true to myself until I wrote my solo show:  The Demise of the Domestic Diva: Soul Searching In Suburbia.  After all of my training and experience, I was surprised that I was still making some choices based on society’s expectations of me.  It wasn’t working because I was partially living on the outside instead of on the inside.  We are living in a time where women have the freedom to choose their path yet still struggle with fitting into society’s unrealistic expectations of them.  Everyone keeps telling us we can have it all, but can we?  I am deeply passionate about helping women find their true selves in this complicated world.  I will explore these complex issues through my artistic projects, transformation rituals, and coaching.  I am an advocate for women’s empowerment and I am so excited and honored to be apart of your growth and development.



Rose has been successfully presenting to groups of 6 to 200 in her workshops on women’s empowerment, communication and emotional intelligence.  She has conducted her programs in holistic centers, major corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations and women’s groups across the Northeast.  She was trained by Ilana Rubenfeld in a three year professional training program called The Rubenfeld Synergy Method.  Rose’s story was published in the book, Healing Journeys – The Power of Rubenfeld Synergy edited by Vicki Mechner in 1998.

The Demise of the Domestic Diva: Soul Searching in Suburbia:

Rose has written her first solo show, The Demise of the Domestic Diva: Soul Searching In Suburbia.  It’s about one woman’s risky adventure with the heart of suburbia and the surprising revelation she makes a long the way both about herself, and what is really means to be “home”.

Rose has been developing her show with Matt Hoverman (Go Solo Workshop, Go-Solo.org), Molly Pearson (Produce Your Own Work Workshop) and Jay Stern (Director).  The Demise of the Domestic Diva: Soul Searching In Suburbia will make it’s debut October 4th in the United Solo Festival in NYC.


Rose loves to sing.  She has performed in a variety of NYC venues and has recorded two CD’s, “Lucky Woman” and “I Got A Man” with Verex Entertainment.  She had the privilege of working with Grammy award winning engineer, Dae Bennett who recorded and mixed the single “Wonderful”.  She is working on her third CD, Silent No More.  It will be the debut of her real voice.

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