Music Testimonials

Victorian Moran

Victoria Moran

“Rose has it all:  the spunk, the savvy, that incredible voice, and a way of lighting up the room and keeping her audience with her – no worries allowed.  Do yourself a favor:  hear this woman sing.” – Victoria Moran, Author-Main Street Vegan, The Love-Powered Diet, Creating a Charmed Life

Laurel Donnellan

Laurel Donnellan

“Rose Andrez is an original voice and enchanting entertainer.  Like the best in the business, you can not take your eyes off of her.  Her innovative show is a great balance of inspiration and laughter.  Treat yourself to an evening of beautiful music with authentic snippets of courage, wit and hope.  It will leave you more prepared to follow your own dreams.” – Laurel Donnellan, Founder & CEO, Bright Livelihoods

Marian Banker

Marian Banker

“Your show was FABULOUS!  It was a perfect mix of all the elements – great songs, wonderful style, warmth and loving personality, and a sexy presence.   You’ve got something very special.” – Marian Banker, CEO, Prime Strategies

“Rose Andrez is a shining star.  Her singing is magical and uplifting.  Her healing inner radiance comes through with each song she sings.  If you have the chance to hear her, don’t miss it!  I will never forget her beautiful sparkling eyes; they reached into my soul.” – Jan Goldstoff, Publicist

Drew Andreotti#2

Drew Andreotti

“Rose Andrez is a natural communicator, whatever feeling she conveys comes across with startling immediacy, whether it be sultryness, exuberance, hope, or vulnerability, her acting skills wetted to her beautiful expressive voice, her presence radiates confidence.  This beautiful singing/actress loves what she does and to hear her is to be healed.” – Drew Andreotti

“Rose Andrez’s show was an enjoyable mix of fabulous vocals and humorous banter with her audience.  I can’t believe how quickly the time past.  She left us wanting more.” – Jennifer Shaheen

“It was a pleasure to be there with you sharing your talent, your dream, your personality, your charisma, your beautiful smile and the power you have to create a magical environment and unforgettable experience anywhere you go.” – Leon Nelson

“You have a real relaxed, natural presence on stage.  You reach out to the audience and you are very funny, but not in a “shtick” kind of way.  Yours is much more classy.” – Debra Fontaine


Rose Andrez

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