Rose’s Philosophy

My approach to coaching is holistic and I believe in working with clients from the inside out.  We first look at what is working for you and what is not working for you.  I will offer a new perspective, tools, unconditional support and accountability.

We will create a master vision for your life through vision maps, creative exercises, writing, meditation and developing a realistic plan to execute your vision.  It’s your session and we will focus on the areas that you need to develop in order to create the life you want.

As a coach, Rose works with women facing a range of life challenges including, but not limited too…

  • Cultivating a purposeful life

    We make wrong choices when we live outside of ourselves and try to please everyone, but ourselves.  Learn practical tools on  how to live your life based on what is meaningful to you.

  • Making Self-Care a priority

    A holistic approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.  Understand how to take care of yourself to function at your optimal level and identify habits that require change.

  • Difficulty accessing your full voice

    Understand what is internally blocking you from having your full voice and your resistance to setting healthy boundaries including saying no.  Learn through meditation, chanting and vocal exercises to fully access your power, give full voice to who you really are, and express your deepest truths.

  • Family of Orgin Dynamics

    Sometimes we need to go backwards to go forward.  Understanding the dynamics of our family of orgin and the role we played can support us in finding our authentic self.

  • Limiting and self-defeating beliefs

    Identify triggers and analyze limiting and self-defeating thoughts that hold you back from reaching your highest potential.  Begin to connect to your own consciousness and belief system to prepare your mind for true fulfillment.

  • Releasing Emotional Blocks

    Most of us experience at least one emotional block to endure the deep pain in dysfunctional situations that causes us to self-sabotage our efforts to move forward. We need to learn how to release the blocks that emotionally hold us back from achieving what we want in life.

Logistics of Coaching

  • We meet in person, phone or online for four one hour sessions per month. Investment options range from 3 months to 12 months.

  • We will create a customized vision for our work together at the first session.

  • Each week, you will have an opportunity to email me your progress, challenges and questions.

  • I take on a limited number of individual clients for one-on-one coaching.  If this interests you, please contact me to set up a time to discuss.

  • Clients do no need to be based in NYC, as one-on-one coaching, can be done via phone/online.


Karen O'Brien“Rose is one of those rare individuals who has the whole package.  She has intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual gifts and depth and is able to use that, along with her incredible wisdom, keen intuition and sensitivity, in the service of your highest and greatest good and potential.  She’s an incredibly powerful, passionate and inspiring woman.  Having Rose in your corner, as a guide and an ally, would be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.  I have witnessed her work wonders in the lives of women.”
-  Karen O’Brien

Maggie Hernandez“At the time I took your program, I was very shut down and unable to express myself verbally, as you know.  In your program, I felt safe, protected, and supported enough to break through and open up.  It allowed me to be vulnerable and share the depths of my pain and also my beauty.  Once I broke through, there was no going back.  My voice was heard!  Thank you for helping to facilitate the healing of my throat chakra. Your work had an enormous impact on my life.  It is with much love and gratitude that I had the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful experience.” – Maggie Hernandez-Knight

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