DSC_8946Rose Andrez is a dynamic trainer and inspirational speaker bringing over 15 years of experience to her clients.  She is known for engaging her audiences and motivating clients to achieve long-term results.  Rose’s expertise is in presentation/communication skills, stress management and emotional intelligence.  Over the years, Rose has worked with a number of organizations of varying size, working with over 20,000 professionals in group settings during that time.

Rose has worked with a diverse group of clients including Credit Suisse, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Computer Associates, Municipal Credit Union, and Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.  She is comfortable working with all levels of groups and in addition to her strong facilitation skills, Rose is an excellent coach.

Recent workshop delivery content includes public speaking, effective communication, and self-care/stress management.

Rose received a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication at Ithaca College and studied a semester abroad in London at the Ithaca College London Center.  She has training certifications in High Impact Presentations, Dale Carnegie Course, Power in Diversity, The Inclusion Workshop and The Rubenfeld Synergy Method.  She received the Top Performer of the Year in the High Impact Presentations course at Dale Carnegie.

In addition to her training background, Rose is an accomplished artist/producer and has recorded two CD’s.   Rose resides in Manhattan with her wonderful husband.  They enjoy travel, music and culture.

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