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Discover the Power of Your Authentic Voice

Carl Jung referred to the vocal area as the “ring of fear”!  Fear of ownership of power, and fear of abandonment.   It’s no wonder that some women are afraid to own their vocal power.  Learn what is internally blocking you from having your full voice and your resistance to setting healthy boundaries including saying no.   Understand how the chakras work, how to deal with the nasty inner critic and how to let go, of unconscious emotional blocks, to fully access your power, give full voice to who you really are, and express your deepest truths.

Understanding Your Life Patterns & Unconscious Tribal Energies that Sabotage You

We believe in lies that are not true.  “I need to be pretty to be happy” or “I need to have surgery to be pretty.”  Society’s messages are strong, subtle and for many of us, in our being.  We start living out these unconscious tribal energies that are not supporting who we really are. We need to stop and be mindful of our life patterns and how are they serving us in our life.  Sometimes we need to go backwards to go forward.  Understanding the dynamics of our family of orgin and the role we played can support us in finding our authentic self.

Cultivating a Purposeful and Integrated Life

We make wrong choices when we live outside of ourselves and try to please everyone, but ourselves.  Learn a variety of tools on how to live your life based on what is meaningful to you.

Holistic Self-Care – Moving Forward Consciously

A holistic approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.  Understand how to take care of yourself to function at your optimal level and identify habits that require change.   Discern how to handle self-sabotage and boost your self-esteem.  Master the art of mindfulness.

Meeting the Love Of Your Life At A Bus Stop

After countless times of getting my heart broken and meeting all of the wrong guys in NYC, life intervenes at the bus stop in New Jersey.  I met the love of my life.  Learn how to attract the right partner at any age.  The key is, are you ready?

The Demise of the Domestic Diva: Soul Searching In Suburbia

An illuminating solo show about a woman who finds herself slowly suffocating from the tribal energy of the suburbs.  It tells the story of her challenge to stand up for truth in a place of oblivion and illusion.   It is a dark comedy (with music!) about reclaiming the voice that got lost along the way.  It will challenge every fiber of your being about the path you have chosen in life and ultimately help you find your voice and your home within yourself.


Programs can be customized to meet the needs of your conference or event.  There are a variety of formats to choose from to make your event unique and memorable.

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