Transformational Ritual – Round One

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Specifics for Transformational Ritual-Round One:

  • Round One Ritual focuses on all of the ingredients involved in creating a life that is authentic to you.

  • Seven of the eight sessions we focus on a variety of topics including deeper awareness of family of origin dynamics, understanding our life patterns, emotional blocks, tapping into our authentic voice, self-care, building our support team and creating a vision statement.

  • Our rituals run for eight weeks.  We limit the group to 8 women at a time.

  • We meet once a week for two hours.

  • There are assignments in between each session.

  • The seventh session is a private, 50 minute in-person consultation.  We will discuss your accomplishments and what’s next for you in creating your authentic life.

  • Round One is required to take before taking Round Two.  Round One we build the foundation for living authentically and Round Two, we begin to develop one of your projects.

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