Transformational Rituals

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“Give voice to what you know to be true, and do not be afraid of being disliked or exiled.  I think that’s the hard work of standing up for what you see.” 
– Eve Ensler


I have been teaching and coaching women for many years and I have witnessed the struggle it takes for women to become something and get out of the sea of pain.  Clearly we all know that women are plagued by the struggle of trying to do it all.   We are conditioned with limiting and self defeating beliefs, have difficulty accessing our full voice and saying “no”, and self care is hardly ever a top priority.

This is why I decided to stop offering workshops in the traditional way.  They can be valuable to learn some new ideas and tips, but most women do not follow up with the new information they have learned and understand how to integrate the new ideas into their lives.

When I wrote my first solo show, Lost In Suburbia: The Demise of the Domestic Diva, I experienced a major healing in a way that I wasn’t expecting.  Writing and sharing my life story helped me gain a deeper clarity around my family of orgin dynamics, access my true voice, make self-care a top priority and ultimately gave me the courage to make major changes in my life to live authentically.

This is the moment I realized that I want to offer a different solution for women that will create a significant shift in the way they live their lives.  A TRANSFORMATIONAL RITUAL which I define as a rite of passage.   We celebrate a variety of rites of passage in our society including birth, marriage, motherhood and milestone birthdays.  Why not celebrate OUR TRANSFORMATION as a rite of passage?  It’s an opportunity to shed our old identities and birth new ones.

Our programs offer a deep lifestyle shift for women ready to embrace change in a creative, supportive and safe environment.  I help women understand why they are blocked and how they can free themselves to move forward.  It will be a fun, creative, inspirational and an enlightening experience, where real women get to have real conversations about things that not many are “real-ly” talking about.  It’s an opportunity to dig deep and uncover who we really are!  Using a myriad of engaging, effective tools, interactive activities, storytelling, writing and creative problem solving, we will have an opportunity to voice our truths and begin to lead the life we want.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson


  • Deeper understanding of your family of orgin dynamics and life patterns

  • A clear Vision & Mission Statement

  • Access your vocal power

  • Ability to communicate your needs and desires

  • Establish personal and relationship boundaries

  • Increased Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Release unconscious and emotional blocks

  • Overcome self-inhibiting thoughts, actions and obstacles

  • Self-Care Tool Kit

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